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Wishing you peace and love this Easter
Happy Easter, warmest thoughts to you
Happy Easter picture, God bless you
Whishing you a Happy Easter
Happ Easter iamge, have a love-filled weekend ahead!
Happy Easter holiday to you and your family
Wishing you

The rabbit has become a symbol of Easter because of its association with fertility, rebirth and new life. In Christian tradition, Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the rabbit, like eggs, is traditionally associated with Easter.

In some cultures, the rabbit is also associated with the goddess of fertility and spring, who is depicted with rabbits at her feet. In addition, in Germany, for example, there is a tradition associated with the rabbit, which says that the rabbit brings gifts to children at Easter.

Thus, the rabbit has become a symbol of Easter due to its association with fertility, rebirth and new life, as well as the various cultural traditions associated with this holiday.

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